Living in healthy environment and safety...

With our experts and constructors having high professional experience and our instruments meeting the requirements of the most strict standards and regulations our company deals with complex solution of environmental and occupational safety problems, including instrumental investigations, planning, organisation, constructional and the technical handover as well. We conduct the instrumental investigations in the system of our testing laboratory accredited by the standard EN ISO/IEC 17025.


noise and vibration investigations
air pollution measurements
workplace atmosphere measurements
comfort, climate, lightning measurements


environmental and occupational safety services
fire protection and electrical safety services
producing of impact studies and regulations
detailed environmental re-examinations


environmental expert opinions
noise and vibration control
acoustical design and HVAC systems design
noise mapping and noise prediction


environmental noise and vibration control
occupational noise and vibration control
noise and vibration isolation of buildings and flats
HVAC systems building

Our full-scope occupational and fire safety, environmental protection services include supplying the above tasks, risk analysis, compiling impact studies, compiling and maintaining of tenders and regulations, organising and conducting trainings, certifying conformity of machineries and equipments. Furthermore, we supply completion acoustic, occupational and environmental part of permit plans and in addition estimating the expected environmental impact of the planned investments, preparing environmental noise map and noise prediction.


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